In case you have never heard of me before, I am Dr. Liliana Wolf, licensed psychotherapist with over twenty-eight years of experience working with couples; a former adjunct professor of psychology, Florida Supreme Court Certified Divorce Mediator, and author.  

As a relationship expert, I bear witness of the emotions elicited by each end of the romantic relationship spectrum: The joy in preparing to marry the love of your life; the pain in dissolving a union that you had envisioned would last forever.

If could summarize what I have learned in all my years working with couples, I would say that I wholeheartedly believe that the human experience can be defined in terms of connection and disconnection.

So now, at this point in my career, I am on a mission:

To reach as many couples, regardless of what point they are at in their relationship, to give them the tools to facilitate a deep emotional connection. So here it is, read my blog, download my free resources for couples, and take a look at my online video-based courses. And if you are about to get married... CONGRATULATIONS!! Let me invite you to peruse my gallery of official premarital courses, accepted in 7 US States, where you can actually save money and time in your marriage license by taking the most affordable premarital courses you will ever love.

I told you I was on a mission!

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Couple goals

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Tying the knot