I'm Liliana Wolf

I am super passionate about my work. I’d better be. I have been practicing psychotherapy for the last twenty-eight years.  I have worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of life, and have witnessed the resilience of the human spirit at its best.

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I help transform lives

My  Promise

Should you wish to learn what it takes to remain deeply emotionally connected for life, my promise is to present you with  the best evidence-based online courses tailored to LGBT relationships at the most affordable price.


If I could express in a few words what I do for a living, I would say: 

"I help to transform lives by showing people how to connect with themselves, and those around them".

""The human experience can be defined in terms of connection and disconnection."

My Professional Afiliations


I live in the same Coral Gables home my husband and I bought about thirty-six years ago,  this is where we raised our son. I also have my private practice in the same area where I opened my first office over two decades ago.

If you gather from this that I love the stability of familiar surroundings, you would be absolutely right.

But that is about it. 

I seek the challenge that change poses. I value growth, choosing to be courageous instead of laying low in my comfort zone. And I walk the talk when it comes to connecting with myself and my surroundings as I seek to connect in meaningful ways with my family,  friends, and the thousands of listeners from all over the world that tune into my Spanish language radio show “Conectando Contigo” - Connecting With You - week after week.

Now, don’t you be fooled. My life is not perfect. I don’t know anyone who leads one that is, yet it is the life I choose to live.

It is authentic and I love it that way.

On a personal note...

Liliana Wolf

Liliana Wolf, Ph.D.,LMHC

Licensed Psychotherapist

Florida, State License

MH# 4533

Coral Gables, Florida

305, 663-0010


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