Is marriage on your horizon?

Imagine finally holding the secret to love everlasting that speaks to your relationship.

I have awesome news for you!

When it comes to premarital preparation, you no longer have to settle on material listed as just being “LGBT friendly".

You deserve a blueprint tailored to you.

I can only imagine your disappointment after discovering, in most cases, LGBT friendly simply means: the terms ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ were replaced by spouse and/or partner, and the course preparing you for the most important journey in life as a LGBT couple, does not only not address your issues, but was clearly developed following a heterosexist model.

I know what’s out there and I hear you.

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What if I told you ...

that I could show you how to remain deeply emotionally connected for life while addressing the specific matters and concerns involving LGBT relationships... one single online course that will allow you to maintain and enhance the joy, sense of belonging, acceptance and understanding that true intimacy brings to a marital relationship?

Sounds epic, I know …but…

This is exactly what I have been doing for the LGBT couples I have been preparing for marriage at my Coral Gables office and now….

I can do it for you!

In case you have never heard of me before, my name is Dr. Liliana Wolf. I am a licensed clinician with over two decades of experience serving the LGBT community in South Florida, a former adjunct professor of psychology, author and relationship expert. 

I'm on a mission

My goal is to reach as many LGBT couples that are about to get married and prepare them with the best and most recent evidence-based research available to date, at the most affordable price. 


So now, do not let the price of this online course fool you. Couples who wish to schedule an appointment with me for LGBT affirmative premarital counseling or affirmative couple's therapy wait months and pay $300/hr.


Yes, couple's therapy with an experienced clinician can be expensive, even prohibitive.

This is why I created this course

Studies show that LGBT couples who prepare for marriage with a program tailored to meet their specific needs, have everything at their disposal to enhance and maintain the quality of their bond.


I also wanted this course to be engaging, not a boring PDF containing the same old stuff that does not even apply to you.


Also, even though so much is at stake and preparing for marriage is a serious business, I wanted it to be entertaining and fun, you will see.


This is not just another ‘LGBT friendly’ premarital preparation course.


This is a LGBT affirmative implementation program where you will learn:

*to avoid entering the destructive cycle that most       

married couples tend to engage in.

*how to curb impulsive reactions that end up causing      pain and distance

*to de-escalate conflict

*to repair rifts

*to build emotional safety

*In this program you will see how a deep emotional connection creates the framework for great sex, and how great sex, in turn, facilitates a deeper emotional connection.

Yes, my friends. It's all about connection!

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LGBT Official

Twogether in Texas Premarital Course

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LGBT Official

Tennessee Premarital Course

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LGBT Official

Florida Premarital Course

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LGBT Let's Hack the Love Code Together

The Ultimate guide to healthy, happy, rewarding relationships

You deserve everlasting love…

And I know how you can find it!

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I’m Dr. Liliana Wolf, former adjunct professor of Psychology and lecturer at Florida International University.


As a licensed clinician, couple’s therapist of 28 years, and relationship expert, I’ve helped thousands (yes, thousands!) of couples create deep emotional connection, maintain emotional safety, repair rifts and curate a new vision for the future.


One of the most rewarding experiences for me as a therapist, has been to witness the magic of true bonding in couples.

The transformation is intensely tangible and is evident in the way they look in each other’s eyes, their facial expression, body language, tone of voice, the way they hold each other in a heartfelt embrace.

My goal is to reach as many LGBT+ couples as I can, regardless of what stage they are at in their relationship and show them how to unlock the relationship secrets I’ve shared with my clients.

From LGBT-affirmative official premarital courses accepted in seven U.S. states to relationship courses and hacks, I offer the tools couples can put into practice at their own pace, in order to finally unlock the secrets to love everlasting.

My online courses provide the best evidence-based scientific information available to date, at the most affordable price. 


So, yes, you can say I am a relationship therapist on a mission.

Liliana Wolf